Morinville Christian School

Morinville Christian School, MCS, is committed to providing a high academic standard and traditional family values through both our on-campus school and our home school programs. Since 1985, we have assisted parents in the training of their children within a safe and caring environment where they can be taught academics from a Biblical worldview. Building character and encouraging strong moral values is of primary importance. MCS accommodates students from kindergarten to grade 8.

Home Education

Morinville Christian School is excited to have three Home Education Partners.

Collectively, these three partners serve over 2400 students and 1100 families.

God calls us to love God with everything we are and everything we do; then He instructs us to continually teach our children about God and His will. Roots, as a program desires to honour God in our words, spirit and actions and we want to obey His commandments, as given in the bible. Learn more about Roots.

Streams offers homeschooling support that allows parents to raise and educate their children according to their own values, in academic and elective subjects all from a Biblical perspective. Learn more about Streams.

The Home Education Exchange, THEE supports and enriches the educational efforts of families that are exercising their God given responsibility to educate their children for life and eternity. Learn more about THEE.