Building Update

The floor for the sanctuary was poured on July 19. It looks great and we are so excited. Click the photo on the left to watch a short video.

A local artist has been following the story of the building and delivered this painting on Monday, June 10. God’s way of saying, “I will build my church”, that which I have promised will come to pass. Thanks for all the support in prayer, work and donations.

There has been some activity going on the property. Here are some things that have been going on and some ways that you can join us in prayer.

Recently Completed

Basement ceiling insulation

Fire rated drywall installed

Penetrations for plumbing complete

Basement fully wired

Framing completed in pastor’s offices


In progress

Plumbing and heating underway in basement

Electrical in children’s area

Dirt moving outdoors to finish the grade 25 feet around the building


Next Priorities

Security cameras will be installed

Begin installing ductwork

The original furnaces will be temporarily installed

Outside stucco


Prayer Requests


Construction vendors and trades who have been touched by TFH

Site security


Building Committee as they make decisions


Get Involved

There so many ways to get involved. You can agree with us in prayer for the completion of the project and the items listed above, you can volunteer or you can donate to the project. Click the links below to find out how.