Share Your Story

You have a story to tell and that story can be used to glorify God and help draw others closer to him. The idea of sharing your story can be a bit scary, but it is as easy as telling people what God has done for you. The Apostle Paul gives us a great example in Acts 26. Start with the following three point outline.

What was life like before? Focus on one thing. It could be when you asked Jesus into your life, how God answered a prayer, or difficulty you were facing.

What happened? Maybe God spoke to you, you read a verse in the bible, etc. Remember to point to Jesus, He is always the hero.

What is life like now? How has life changed or improved? Your story doesn’t have to be wrapped up perfectly, just tell the story of how Jesus is alive and working in you and through you. Allow people to connect with your struggles, fears and dreams.

Story telling is the most effective and powerful way of communication. Practice by telling your friends. Here are some tips that will help your listeners enter into your story.

  1. Be specific. Describing the series of events to someone who wasn’t there allow your audience to picture what was happening. Include details as this also makes story believable.
  2. Use dialouge… I said, then she said… This helps the listener enter into the your story and experience the moment.
  3. Use all five senses… touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound. Paint the picture using words of what you saw and experienced. This will enable your listeners to see and experience what you were experiencing.
What story is God writing through you?


Share Your Story