TFH Kids

School of Prayer

March 31st, 2020

Mighty Explorers (K to Grade 4)

Well we’ve all ‘returned’ from Spring Break now and have begun to find what the new norm looks like…begun being the key word!  It is a huge transition and will take time. I want to remind you to be gracious with yourselves and your kids!  Remember, our God is still God and He is still GOOD!  He always wants to hear all about our thoughts and feelings, and my what big feelings we are dealing with in our little people (and ourselves) as of late!  In this video we are reminded to turn to God in prayer, He is always available ready to listen and comfort.  It is when we turn our eyes to Him and remember how big he really is, our thoughts and feelings can begin to not feel too big for us anymore! Click download for activities this week.

The Bridge (Grade 5 and 6)

How many of you are thinking “when will my life stop changing and be normal?!”  Well I can’t tell you that, but I can remind you that we serve a mighty God who cares for you like no one else does!  I wanted to bring some familiarity to you this week so after you watch the above video head on over to “The So and So Show  for a couple of big laughs!!  I thoroughly enjoyed this episode!!  You can chat with your parents about the Key Question: “How do you talk to God?”  Or message each other, your leaders, or Miss Naomi (ask your parents how) to talk about talking to God!

Preschool (2 to 5 years)

This week we learn how “Jesus helps us to obey right away” through the story of a talking donkey!  Have so much fun crafting and acting this portion of somewhat crazy scripture!!  Click here to download some family activities to do with your littles!

Our Facebook and Instagram pages will also have posts throughout the week that will share resources and more information to encourage you in discipiling your kids.