Vision & Values

The Father's House exists to help people find their way home to God and make disciples

What do we mean by “home”? Home is a place of rest, of security, of acceptance, a place of your own, a joyful place, a healthy place that you share with the people who are most important to you. Home should be where the heart is, home should be “sweet home,” and there should be “no place like home” for putting you at your ease and bringing out the best in you.


Maybe your journey through life has taken you far away from home. Maybe you’ve gone to places in your heart, in your mind, in your relationships, in your habits, that are dark, broken, stressful, and self-centred, and you know that you are far away from where you were intended to be as a person. Maybe you are at a good place in your life, but still, you sense that something is missing, that there is more to who you are meant to be and life as it is meant to be lived.


God’s plan is for you to come home to Him. We’d love to walk that journey with you.

A Church Built with CARE

Jesus said, “I will build my church.” And then he told his followers to “go and make disciples.” The goal of TFH is to be a disciple-making church. A disciple is someone who has committed to living their life for Christ, and at TFH that means they are someone who CAREs.


Celebrate Jesus in every area of our lives.

Jesus is good news! God’s grace and love are amazing! Knowing Him brings freedom, hope, and joy into every day. So being a disciple isn’t just about Church on Sunday. Everywhere we go and all the time, we are to honour Jesus as Lord.


Accept ourselves and others while pursuing maturity together.

We are to become like Jesus. Knowing that we are accepted in a community with others who are on the same journey means that we can be ourselves, admit when we could use help, and help others who are also on the journey.


Receive God's grace daily to fulfill His eternal purposes.

It’s not easy being a disciple of Jesus. It’s easier to be self-centred; it’s easier to give in to the pressures of our world. So we need God’s grace – His power – to live for Him. Disciples learn to go to God daily to receive it.


Engage our world by equipping one another to CARE.

Believers have God-given gifts designed to benefit the Body of Christ and promote the Gospel. The Church helps believers find ways to serve God and engage others.