Every year The Father’s House does a Walk for Water campaign to raise funds for clean water projects in underdeveloped nations. As a community, we walk 6 kilometres because that is the average distance women and children walk to bring water home to their families.


This year TFH is partnering with Haiti Arise. Read on to learn more about this year’s vision and goal. 

The Jeantiot Project

Access to drinking water supplies and sanitation services in Haiti’s rural areas is not only low but decreasing. In 2020, only 43% of Haiti’s rural population had access to basic drinking water supplies, down from 48% in 2015 and 50% in 1990. This is far less than the 90% average in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2022, a worrisome trend. This year TFH will be be supporting Haiti Arise in drilling a well for their church plant in the community of Jeantiot, just outside the southwestern city of Les Cayes, Haiti. This well will provide clean water for the village and surrounding area. In order to drill the well, Haiti Arise will be partnering with a local drilling company. The cost is estimated to be between $9,000 – $10,000 USD as they have to drill and install an electric pump, generator & water filter.